Naturata AG is a leading provider of organic and biodynamic foods. The company’s aim is to promote the preservation and the development of a healthy co-existence between humans and the environment. At Naturata, the customer, is, therefore, always at the centre. Customer requirements are fulfilled in co-operation with producers and trade partners to provide both the customer and the organic market with the highest quality natural products.


Naturata products stand for authentic taste and guarantee perfect enjoyment. This lies, not least, in the quality standards. The highest possible quality is the result of natural ingredients and gentle preparation methods. At Naturata relationships with customers, suppliers and employees are based on partnerships and are fair and friendly as we always strive for long term relationships with partners. Sustainable economic management along the entire value creation process is very important to us. Naturata uses its status as a pioneer in the organic market to achieve sustainable earnings which are used to promote social and environment related issues.


The Naturata brand offers around 300 products in premium quality. The most well-known Naturata products include chocolate, hot and cold drinks, for example grain coffee or cocoas, vegetable stocks and seasonings, baked goods, sweeteners, tomato products as well as deli pasta. The product range also includes a wide choice of dried fruit and nut products as well as an Asian range with chutneys, relishes and ready sauces.

Naturata started in organic specialty trade in 1976. In 1979 the Naturata eG was founded which was the predecessor of today’s Naturata AG. To begin with, the company was a wholesaler in the organic market which was then still in its early days. As many products were not available in organic quality at that time, Naturata began to develop and market these.


Since 2003 the logistics services have been assumed by Naturata Logistik eG whilst Naturata AG focuses on the development, part manufacture and marketing of demeter and organic foods.

Long term relationships with our suppliers are very important to us and we also like to support the development of biodynamic projects.


Durum wheat from Italy

As a summer wheat which loves the sun and which can grow well with little rain, durum wheat is grown mainly in the Mediterranean region. It has a particularly high gluten content which gives the pasta excellent cooking properties.

The Demeter durum wheat for NATURATA pasta comes from several biodynamic farmers in Italy. One of them is Sandro Uslenghi who also grows grapes.

Spelt from South Germany

Naturata builds on long term reliable partnerships with its raw material suppliers. An example of this is the farmers of a Demeter producer association in South Germany who grow spelt for Naturata’s pasta products. Twenty five farmers from southern Germany supply spelt for Naturata’s pasta products. They belong to a Demeter producer association with which Naturata has been working for already more than 20 years. Timely agreements, fair prices and reliable order agreements guarantee farmers have a sound financial basis for their business. Criteria which are propagated for fair trade with the third world and which are, unfortunately, not always matter of course in dealings with producers, have been applied here for years.  

The climate in this region around the Schwäbische Alb is ideal for growing the delicate spelt. The processing plant which manufactures the pasta products is only a few kilometres away.

One of the farmers is Cornelius Güntert (photo).


The other farmers:

Hans Albrecht, Salem ~ Walter Badmann, Giengen ~ Lothar Burkhart, Hettingen ~ Joachim Gabriel, Weimar/Lahn-Stedebach ~ Rolf Günther, Salem ~ Ernst-Friedrich Haller, Remshalden-Rohrbronn ~ Helmut Hilsenbeck, Heroldstatt ~ Anton Köberle, Obermarchtal ~ Hans-Günther Konold, Herbrechtingen-Bolheim ~ Manfred Kränzler, Rosenfeld-Isingen ~ Helmut Müller, Allensbach-Kaltbrunn ~ Josef Riegger, Hohentengen ~ Hofgut Rengolshausen, Überlingen ~ Gerhard Steigmiller, Ummendorf ~ Bernhard Thierer, Weidenstetten ~ Wolfgang Zengel, Stühlingen ~ Hottenlocher Hofgemeinschaft, Mühlingen ~ Höllwangen GbR, Überlingen ~ Hubert Möhrle, Herdwangen-Schönach ~ Winfried Fleischer, Niedernhall ~ Arnold Dietsche, Bonndorf ~ Fionn Barnes, Herdwangen-Ebratsweiler ~ Hubert Schmidberger, Ummendorf ~ A. Mintrop, Oggelsbeuren

Demeter "Risca Grande" native extra olive oil from Portugal

We get a very unique Demeter olive oil from Portugal which comes from the RISCA GRANDE olive estate in South East Portugal, between the Spanish border and the river Guadiana. This well-known olive growing region offers the best conditions for growing the aromatic olives of the Galega variety. The Quinta RISCA Grande was founded in 2001 by the Swiss Bernhard and Zehnder families. With Naturata’s support, the family was able to convert to biodynamic farming.

The first class olive oil is pressed and bottled on the farm.


Demeter tomato from Cal Valls in Spain

Our tomato project in Spain is the fruit of a special partnership. The long-standing relationship between Naturata and the family-run business in Catalonia guarantees sun-kissed, biodynamic fruits of the highest quality, which are gently processed on the farm directly after harvesting using traditional artisanal methods.

Cal Valls cultivates tomatoes on around 10 hectares of land. Approximately 1,000 tonnes of these tomatoes are processed every year. Alongside cultivation and processing of tomatoes in the fields, Cal Valls also grows herbs and produces seed, for example, for onions.

The Cal Valls family

The head of the family business takes care primarily of cultivation and harvest of the tomatoes. His three children are also active in the company; his daughter is an agricultural engineer, and his two sons are responsible for production and the commercial side of the business.

The Spanish Cal Valls has been working its farm in Catalonia completely organically since 1979. Manuel Valls i Sanfeliu, the founder of the company, used to farm conventionally and took the first step towards biological cultivation by transforming common plant seeds into organic ones. The first contact with the world of biodynamic farming and the anthroposophical thoughts underlying it took place in Germany in the mid-1980s. The transformation of the operation in line with this newly acquired awareness was its logical consequence. In 1991 the operation was Demeter certified. This makes the family-run operation a true organic pioneer in Spain, just as we were in Germany.

NATURATA has been a partner to Cal Valls in Germany right from the beginning. Together, we implemented the transformation to a biodynamic way of doing business in the 1980s. Naturata not only helped with marketing the products, but also paid for a machine for producing tomato concentrate. Cal Valls was gradually able to re-pay this "loan" in the form of goods deliveries. Promoting cultivation and processing opens up new perspectives to our partner and guarantees NATURATA delicious, top-quality organic foods, day in, day out.



Alongside our many projects, we are, of course, also dedicated to human, nature and the environment.


Products for non-profitable organizations

We regularly help non-profit organizations, e.g. food for the needy, as well as kindergartens and events, with the contribution of surplus production goods or goods which are close to their sell-by date.



Many of our products are made taking fair trade into consideration. This is shown clearly on our chocolate, for example, with the use of the FAIR-TRADE logo. With this the end consumer can be absolutely sure that fair trade criteria have been fulfilled. More on fair trade on



Together with myclimate, we offset the CO² emissions which are produced during the production and transport of different product packaging or whole products. Using the tracking number given on a product, you can find out which climate protection project is supported with this on:


FSC certified paper

We use FSC certified paper, e.g. in the packaging of our chocolate. The FSC system for responsible forest management was established to guarantee sustainable forestry and incorporates the protection as well as the improvement of economic, ecological and social functions of forest enterprises. Find out more on


Fair-Breeding (Kultursaat e.V.)

Together with the Naturata Association we support the Kultursaat e.V. with annual donations for the upkeep of crop plants and for the support of biodynamic plant cultivation. True to the motto, “So that we can enjoy organic vegetables also in the future.”

Naturata Germany

The Naturata product quality is orientated to people’s holistic needs with regards to body, mind and soul. Most raw materials come from biodynamic or organic agriculture.

As a member of the national association which promotes the manufacture and trade of natural and organic foods – Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN) Herstellung und Handel e.V. – Naturata is dedicated to following further quality criteria e.g. for plant protecting agents or softeners. To ensure that the specific criteria are kept, we establish buying specifications for products of the Naturata brand. Controls are made using random sample analysis. The extent of controls is determined in an annually revised analysis concept. Naturata products are made without the use of auxiliary agents or additives.

In processing, the only methods used are those which are gentle on the raw materials and which preserve the vitality of the foods as much as possible.

Aromas are usually not used, in exceptional cases only biological aroma extracts.

All ingredients are fully listed on the product label according to the full declaration recommendation of the BNN.

The packaging also states, wherever possible, the origin of the raw materials; projects are also often presented.

Demeter is the brand for products from biodynamic agriculture. But what exactly is meant by this? And how does this differ from the EC eco directive?

Demeter is, with more than 80 years, the oldest agricultural association with more than 3,200 farms worldwide and around 100,000 hectares land. As an international organic brand, Demeter is represented in all continents – from Argentina to Hungary – agriculture follows Demeter guidelines in 38 countries.

The name comes from the Greek goddess of fertility, grains, seeds and the seasons – Demeter.


Agriculture and further processing

The most important thing at Demeter and also in the EC eco directive is that chemical-synthetic fertilisers and pesticides should, on no account, be used. But Demeter farms go one step further and add special compost and preparations to the soil to increase its quality. These preparations are made out of healing plants, cow dung and quartz flour which is processed in the Demeter farms and added to the fields in small amounts. Important here is the composition and less the amount. Demeter farmers want to maintain not only the soil quality as stipulated in the EC eco directive but also go one step further and improve the quality for all-round healthy agricultural land. True to the motto: to give back more to the soil than is taken from it.

The benefits of this method are clear: the soil life becomes much more active, fertility is increased and root growth stimulated. This positive effect on the sustainable promotion of the soil is, meanwhile, also confirmed in research studies spanning several years.

Alongside the criteria for soil processing, the Demeter guidelines also include clear requirements with regards to the grains to be grown. Only varieties with fixed seeds may be used – varieties which develop their seed independently in regular cycles. There is no crossing of related seed varieties, the so-called hybrids, and varieties stemming from cell fusion technology are also not used.

Demeter quality standards must be followed also after the harvest, in further processing. In this way, only few and absolutely necessary additives are allowed. Iodine, nitrate pickling salts and so-called natural aromas (aromas which occur in nature but which can also be produced with the aid of bacteria, yeast or fungi) are not permitted. Only aroma extracts may be used (from essential oils or extracts of plant source materials and which serve as the main component of an aroma).

A further difference is the extent of farming. The EC eco directive allows one farmer to operate organic farming alongside conventional farming yet Demeter farms use 100% biodynamic agriculture.


Keeping animals on Demeter farms

Keeping own animals on Demeter farms is a must. The extent of animals kept depends on the size of the agricultural land. The cattle produce the important dung which is, after extensive processing, used as biodynamic fertiliser which helps foods grow and increase in quality. Demeter farms produce at least half of the animal feed needed for their animals on their own farm. Only animal feed they produce themselves or which is bought from other Demeter farms is allowed and it should be free from animal meal, additives, antibiotics and hormones.

Demeter farmers do not practice the painful removal of the horns of cattle as is standard in conventional cattle rearing. Cows with horns produce particularly good dung and good quality milk. Demeter milk which comes from cows with horns is even tolerated by people who have an allergic reaction to standard milk.


Regular controls and international guidelines

All Demeter farms are controlled annually according to the EC directive for organic farming by state recognized, independent control bodies. Demeter is the only agricultural association to have internationally valid guidelines which means that Demeter quality standards apply also to imported goods.


Benefits of Demeter quality foods

Several studies have shown that consistent nutrition with Demeter products has a positive effect on physical well-being. Any ailments are reduced and the immune system is promoted.

With this method of sustainable agriculture, Demeter farmers guarantee foods with character whose typical taste gives an intense and healthy enjoyment experience. And all this with the knowledge that it’s been good to nature!

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary instrument of the European Union, the companies and organizations support all sizes and industries in improving their environmental performance.

The difference to other certifications is to improve the companies environmental performance and not only to keep a specific status.

Naturata defines each year different environmental related targets to improve the company’s performance.

Read in our German environmental statement about the actual targets and which environmental issues Naturata tracks and improves.

More information (in German): Umwelterklaerung_2016.pdf


Regular controls and quality assurance: guaranteed by the Demeter association as well as the organic directive.


Here you can find our certificates:

EG-Bio-Certificate (pdf)

Demeter Certificate (pdf)

EMAS Certificate (pdf)

FLO-CERT Certificate (Fairtrade) (pdf)

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