For more than a century, the history of our business has been the history of our family: people immensely dedicated to their work, who have always pursed the concept of simple but unique products.

Our story is a story of passion and enthusiasm. The family business was started by Pietro Castagno in his own mill at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 70's, Bruno Castagno, son of Pietro, and his wife Maria Giustina converted the company to only produce organic products. They had also broadened their activities to include milling, extrusion, toasting, and baking. Today, the children of Bruno Castagno, Franca, Bruna, and Pietro have taken the helm and continue to build our company as a major organic food producers of Italy.

The enthusiasm we put into our product process is also a display of love towards those that demand quality and goodness. A genuine pleasure on our part that guarantees the unique qualities of our products, ensuring they will satisfy even the most refined of palates. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Castagno Italy

We carry out a series of rigorous checks and controls on our raw materials and all the way along our production and distribution chain, right through to the finished product, enabling us to obtain all possible information at every stage of the process.

We only use prime raw materials, selected and purchased directly from our growers. Every single ingredient (from the grain to the flours and seasoning) is subjected to rigorous testing procedures in association with SINAL-certified laboratories. Only the very best raw materials are used in Castagno products.

Our company has chosen to work exclusively in the organic sector so that we can market products which are always safe and which maintain all of the qualities of the original ingredients. With no risk of contamination of modification, just as nature intended.


Flours from our mill

Thanks to the combination of our "mill", in operation since 1912, and our experience, for three generation we have been produce fresh, authentic flours of the highest quality that retain all of the properties of the original intact. In addition to processing both durum and soft wheat, our "mill" is also specialized in the grinding of all other types of cereal, pulse and seed.

Our unique milling process enables us to produce 100% whole meal flours which preserve virtually all the properties of the original grain (even the outer husk, which provides the majority of the vitamin content).


From the grain to the plate

All our varieties of pasta and specialty foods are produced at our Giaveno site (near Turin in Italy). Here we manufacture our pasta and specialties, our snacks and bran puffed products, our flakes and seasoning, flours, cereal and toasted grains for alternative drinks to coffee. We carry out all of the milling, pasta-making, extrusion, flaking and toasting processes involved in the certain of our product. From the grain to the plate: our unquiet methods of processing the raw materials enable to preserve of their original qualities.


Slow drying at low temperatures

Our pasta-making process involves slow drying process at low temperatures, allowing us to preserve all of the original qualities of the raw materials.

The nutritional value of our products allows for food combinations that guarantee a healthy, wholesome diet. In addition, we like to consider the wellbeing of the natural world, and 70% of our energy requirements are fulfilled by our own hydroelectric system: a clean, renewable source of power. The milling, production, packaging is all done in house in the Castagno plant, thus better control of quality with traceable origin of the raw material. Other brand usually buys the flour from outside which make traceability impossible.


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